5 ways to help your employees take better breaks

Taking better breaks can be a vital part of looking after both body and mind, and it’s a foundational component of working smarter. Better breaks allow teams to stay energized and engaged, even when work is especially challenging.

It’s important that managers and leaders live by example and prioritize taking better breaks.

Here are five practical suggestions that you could bring to your workplace to help your employees take better breaks:

1. Schedule blocks for breaks

The working day can run away with us. Incoming emails, long meetings, and chatty coworkers can add up to very little time to focus. To help your team regain their focus and clarity, block out time for breaks during the day. Creating actual calendar blocks prompt people to think twice before scheduling a meeting in that block.

At Headspace, we have two ‘no meeting’ blocks every day at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. (that afternoon ‘dip’ time). These can be used for meditation, getting outside or just for focus time if our team needs it.